Net Telecommunication Revenue Tool

    • Service description

      This tool is provided by CST. This allows the licensed companies

      To submit their “ Net Telecommunication Revenue (NTR) Form” as per the requirements of the Decree 196 and regulatory Framework on Fees issued by CST, and

      To view the status of the submission and progress.

    • How the service works

      The authorized representative from the licensed company will receive a password from CST.

      This password will allow the authorized representative to log on to the Tool and Upload the NTR form, along with the appropriate supporting documents. In addition, the authorized representative will be able to respond to CST Queries accordingly.


      The service is provided for the benefits of the licensed companies and their representatives.

      Management of the company is responsible for the information submitted to CST. The system is required to be accessed and used by authorized persons only and any misuse or unauthorized use/access of the system, will be dealt as per the CST Policies.

      For any queries and clarifications, please contact:

      Please download the updated NTR Template - 1st March 2022

      User Manual :    Manual-English    Manual-Arabic

      NTR Tool Videos (English) :    Video 1    Video 2    Video 3    Video 4    Video 5

      NTR Tool Videos (Arabic) :    Video 1    Video 2    Video 3

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